Mugello MotoGP race 2017: huge win for Dovizioso

Andrea Dovizioso huge win. MotoGP victory at Mugello Race 2017 for the Italian, who could beat a feisty Maverick Viñales and a surprising Danilo Petrucci. Rossi and physical only allowed him to reach the fourth place on a bad day for Honda.

Moto2: A Pasini unleashed triumphsMugello

Huge win for Andrea Dovizioso in the CareerMotoGP Mugello 2017. It was expected to Forli werefront but not dominate the way it has done in the dayfrom today. Mugello Viñales leaves being more leader with his secondplace ahead of an impressive Petrucci and Valentino Rossi.Honda, far behind. 

Valentino Rossi has started very strong and has taken thefront ahead of Maverick Viñales. The Italian leftfor it and wanted to throw from the outset. Nevertheless,after the first step finish line which has firsthas been Jorge Lorenzo Harnessing the power of his Ducatiin the finishing straight. 

Rossi Total overtaking him towards the middle ofcircuit but again Lorenzo has taken the lead. A thirdRossi has made Lorenzo had to open up a bit andViñales get into second position. The Rose has taken theslipstreaming the Italian but Rossi has been stronger in braking andHe has maintained the lead. 

VIDEO: MotoGP Mugello 2017 Grand Prix keys

Maverick She has returned to her first and has managed toRossi he does not return the overtaking. Whole headrace times were rolling in pretty evenly matched, with both Ducati back andMarc Márquez fifth. Pedrosa had more problemswhich they were embedded in a second group with riders likeAndrea Iannone and Álvaro Bautista

There was a small cut between the third and fourth,specifically between Dovizioso and Petrucci. Viñales, Rossi andDovizioso They have dropped to 1'47 and it seemed that this would be thepace to win the race. Viñales has continued pulling hardand the front group has stretched enough. The leader wantedbreaking the race. 

The best images of MotoGP Mugello 2017 (15)

  • MotoGP-Mugello-2017-1

    Andrea Dovizioso unleashed the craze among Ducati fans with his win. Photo: MotoGP Teams

  • MotoGP-Mugello-2017-2

    Claudio Domenciali, CEO of Ducati, could not choose a better day to go to Mugello.

  • MotoGP-Mugello-2017-3

    Maverick Viñales did not win, but managed a second position known to victory.

  • MotoGP-Mugello-2017-4

    Danilo Petrucci did not believe his podium: "I would have sold my house just to know that would make it"

  • MotoGP-Mugello-2017-5

    Valentino Rossi did what he could and finally finished fourth. Still in the fight for the title.

  • MotoGP-Mugello-2017-6

    Álvaro Bautista returned to surprise with his fifth. With a little more regularly will get very high.

  • MotoGP-Mugello-2017-7

    Marc Márquez had to survive and 'make do' with a discrete sixth position.

  • MotoGP-Mugello-2017-8

    Pedrosa and Crutchlow had them throughout the race and at the end Dani Cal inadvertently threw on the last lap.

  • MotoGP-Mugello-2017-9

    Jorge Lorenzo came to lead the race but faded with the passage of turns until the end eighth.

  • MotoGP-Mugello-2017-10

    Michele Pirro good performance as a wild-card, escorting Lorenzo himself in ninth place.

  • MotoGP-Mugello-2017-11

    So tight was the end of Moto2 with Pasini victory over Luthi and Marquez.

  • MotoGP-Mugello-2017-12

    8 years after his last victory in the same circuit, Pasini climbed to the top of the podium.

  • MotoGP-Mugello-2017-13

    Andrea Migno led the Moto3 podium with Fabio Di Giannantonio and Juanfran Guevara.

  • MotoGP-Mugello-2017-14

    An image that perfectly sums up the Moto3 race. A 'Goldeneye' pilots in a few meters.

  • MotoGP-Mugello-2017-15

    Great day for Italian fans with hat-trick of wins in all three categories: Migno, Dovizioso and Pasini

Petrucci, the unexpected guest

Surprising level Danilo Petrucci, to rollingroom was chasing Valentino Rossi. Italian toMarc Márquez and there was a bigger difference aconfirmation that the Honda suffered a lot in this circuit becauseDani Pedrosa was 10th with 15 laps remaining. BaptistLorenzo realized and placed sixth. Brilliant career tothe time by the Talavera. 

Topping the differences were maintained, we did not know isbecause Viñales was conserving tires for the lastbecause it really turns or both Dovizioso, Rossi and PetrucciThey could go as fast as that of Rosas. Bautista continued hisprogression and Marc Márquez ahead to move tofifth. 

10 laps Dovizioso has taken thegp17 speed of your head to take the test. New stagecareer in the Ducati rider was the one who put therhythm head. Petrucci placed third after overtaking Rossiunder braking for the last corner. Actually the two Ducati gp17 ofDovizioso and Petrucci were showing verycompetitive. 

Dovizioso wants to go

Petrucci it was not satisfied and at the same spot where he hadRossi passed with Viñales did one lap later. two Ducatiin head with both Yamaha just behind, while somethree seconds chasing them Álvaro Bautista and Marc Márquez.Jorge Lorenzo had fallen to ninth position and Dani PedrosaHe rolled eleventh. 

He was beginning to see something just was a ValentinoRossi, perhaps he accused his physical inferiority injurythoracic. Which he did not give the race was Petrucci, whatfar away leaving Dovizioso would stick in the wake ofDucati factory rider, although both had the sameMechanical: A gp17. 

A five laps Viñales It has been launched by aPetrucci was beginning to have problems with the tires.Dovizioso He had taken a few meters away and theRosas did not want to miss his chances of victory, althoughHe had escaped to 1.3 apart. The Italian has enduredthe rush of Viñales and crossed the finish line first aheadleader and an impressive Danilo Petrucci. He could not doplus Rossi and he finished fourth ahead of Baptist andMárquez. On the last lap Pedrosa was shooting Crutchlowand both finished out of the race. 

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