New KYMCO Super Dink 2017: 4,299 euros for sportier

Comes the new KYMCO Super Dink 2017 to Spain and makes sporting a much sportier look, with a price that will start at 4,299 euros for the version of 125 and 4,999 for the Super Dink 350 ... and three new colors.

Meet the future KYMCO AK 550, the 'as' under theKYMCO sleeve

The new KYMCO Super Dink 2017 it is a reality (read herethe first testNew Kymco Super Dink 125 cc 2017). The Taiwanese brandand it puts Spain in dealerships the new version ofGT scooter selling in our country with a deep washingface that makes him a motorcycle with a look radicallySporty many improvements in the mechanical section to lookyou to you all rivals in its segment. 

New Kymco Super Dink 2017

The new Super Dink 2017 It will be available laterFebruary in two versions, one of 125 cc it will costfrom 4,299 euros and another 350 cc per 4,999 euros.very competitive prices at which we must add a great improvement intheir equipment to get into the club's GTpremium In our country.

Their prices recommended list are 4,299 eurosversion of 125 cc and 4999 cc 300 euros. In both cases, thePVR includes one year of compulsory insurance and theft insurance withpossibility of making it a comprehensive insurance.

The cheapest option now will be the Grand Dink while the Super Dink takes a stepmore and offers more possibilities to its users. 

KYMCO Super Dink 2017 InfografiaAll details of the new KYMCOSuper Dink 2017 (Source: KYMCO)

The security and the ergonomics They have been the twofundamental aspects that improvements are groundednew KYMCO Super Dink 2017.

New Kymco Super Dink 2017

First with shock absorbers and new generationhigher quality than in previous versions, tires with aDNA marking sports and a set of mirrors moresurface (shown above). In the section of comfort,we must highlight its new seat and a new domehigher and aerodynamic length. 

New Kymco Super Dink 2017

It must take into account the new Kymco Super Dink has beenadapted to the ergonomics and demands of Spanish usersSafety, comfort and functionality (newdampers, dynamic tires, higher dome, newmirrors ...). 

New Kymco Super Dink 2017 (5)

  • New-Kymco-Super-Dink-2017-action-red

    This is the new Kymco Super Dink 2017.

  • New-Kymco-Super-Dink-2017-red

    It is expected relay selling Kymco scooter.

  • New-Kymco-Super-Dink-2017-Rear-Red

    Rear of the new Kymco Super Dink.

  • New-Kymco-Super-Dink-2017-white

    Kymco Super Dink, blank.

  • New-Kymco-Super-Dink-2017-black

    Kymco Super Dink in black.


Besides of White color, brand includes firstSuper Dink in one metallic gray, a solid red Ya black metallic with high gloss finish (these twolast, exclusive for Spain). Specifically, they will be referred'Pure White', 'Black Stone', 'Red Core' and 'Black Glare'.

Both the gray and black are such two varietiesKYMCO Spain that incorporate for the first time on a scooter.

Super Dink: a success story

Since its launch in 2009, during the economic crisis,Kymco Super Dink He has gone through various evolutions.The new Kymco Super Dink 2017 "It is included within the segmentGT, the same as its predecessor but is born as a modelcompletely new specifications Euro 4, premium, withmore sophisticated and termination design, quality and technologysuperior and differentiating"Says the brand. 

other releases

It will not be the only novelty in this know KYMCO 2017.The models presented at INTERMOT and EICMA, therealso add restyling onhe KYMCO Xciting 400 that will join the range ofscooters euro 4 by which KYMCO has betclearly since the beginning of 2016.

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