All new cars in 2016: Releases and news

All new cars in 2016 totaling more than 100 new features. Most are models already in the market and have been renovated, but the Seat Ateca, the Skoda Kodiaq the Mercedes Class X and another good dozen new realize that brands continue to innovate and looking for niche markets and classes of vehicles they were unknown until recently. Of course, most of the twists and novelties &# 039; Fat&# 039; SUV are within the universe.

In the list of all new cars of 2016 They countedmore than 100 additions, many of which were announcedSuddenly, in the first half of the year, but after the 2016 Paris Motor Show have come up to 30 new models tocatalog this year and in the last two months of the year,We have tried other 30 2016 new cars althoughMost models will be sold as 2017. The releasesand news 2016 are from slightly below grouped bybrands. Perhaps if this year is remembered for something in the future will beby the arrival or rather resurrection of sports as mythicalas the Honda NSX or Ford GT, both as disclosed along2015, but none shall tread the roads until the last thirdthis year to put red hot extreme comparisons offuture.

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On the other hand, some of the new models in 2016 what,indeed, they will change the face of the roads in Spain nofall into that category because already in periodlaunch and are reaching dealerships. Such is the casethe most important of them all, at least in Spain, the newRenault Mégane since the beginning of the year may be trucksfull flowing south or north of the peninsula, asIt exported from here to everyone. There are some who predict therevival saloons with pitches as significant as theVolvo S90 or Alfa Romeo Giulia and, once again, greatmarket players will be the SUV with impending arrivalsas the new Kia Sportage or FordEdge.

However, if something were going to characterize releasesCar in 2016 It is by its heterogeneity, of course, tomany of those below will be rare to see them on the roadsSpanish, but the arrival of BMW M2, the Maserati Levante orBentley Bentayga, this still unconfirmed for 2016 at 100%, area sign that the auto market does not lose strength.Quiet, for middle-class families are alsoto await developments forward especially arrivessummer when we will know the new Renault Scénic and, above all,hit the market the Seat Ateca. Some of the models you seewishlist all cars 2016 then andwe have tested even (there will take you directly linkin such cases), so I recommend visiting the sectiontests.


AbarthSpider - was presented in March, you can see the proof in theprevious link and will ship in September 2016Spain

Alfa Romeo

Alfa Romeo Giulia - was unveiled in April and the linkyou can read previous test engine equipped with 2.2D

Aston Martin

AstonMartin DB11 - will come later this year


Audi R8 Spyder 2017 - Since its introduction in earlyOctober can read our first impressions

Audi Q5 - German SUV can no longer be called compact hereYou can read your test

AudiSQ7 - In early May, were in their presentation andtested

AudiSQ7 - Here you can read the test waited Do SUV?
Audi A4 Allroad - were in the presentation, on April 6,You can read the first test in the link above, but stillwe look forward to seeing the writing
Audi TT RS - You can read the test we did during hispresentation on the link above
AudiA5 Coupé - New generation to be presented in May
Audi A3 - The facelift of the compact was tabled on 18 May andWe have already tried several versions
Audi A5 Sportback - Will be released in the Paris Motor Show
AudiQ5 - will be presented in October


Bentley Bentayga - was presented in spring 2016, in thelink above you can see the comparison against the Mercedes ML andRange Rover
Bentley Grand Convertible - At the end of 2016


BMWM2 - has been marketed since March, and we've tried, and evencompared with their brothers in range M
BMW5 Series - The new generation will be released inDecember


Citroen C3 2017 - were in their presentation in June andWe tried in October

Citroën Space Tourer - The largest Citroën MPV andFrom the market

Citroën C4 Picasso - Since September, the minivan made inVigo has received an update and now is moretechnological
Citroen Berlingo XTR Plus - now available
Citroën SpaceTourer - was launched in early summer
Citroen C5 XTR - already available and in the link above youproof read
Citroen Jumpy - already presented, will arrive in June


DaciaDuster 2016 - Improved equipment available fromJanuary

DaciaSandero 2017 - The changes will improve, but willenough?


DS3 Performance - We've conducted in June and Septemberduring his presentation
Crossback DS 4 - Available since early this year


Ferrari F12 - Presented in December
Ferrari FF - The new generation since December 2016


Fiat Qubo - In October, attended the presentation and backYou can read the test

Fiat 500Riva - special edition that was presented in June
Fiat Tipo - was presented in February
Fiat Tipo and SW 5p - In late September we couldtry
Fiat124 Spider - On sale since May


Ford KaPlus - The city is renewed from India and we have alreadytried

FordThe biggest utility history - Party 2017Ford

Ford Kuga 2017 - A brand new SUV to followcompeting

Ford Ranger - A facelift that came to Europe this Januaryand we have already tested
Ford Focus RS - On sale since February 2016, alsoYou can read the test on the link above
Ford Ka - is presented in March
Ford Edge - Already on sale in Europe
Ford GT - In December reach dealers


Honda Civic 5p - Presented in September, back can read thefirst test

SlingClarity - Presented in March, may not reachEurope until 2017

Honda NSX - is presented in September 2016
Honda Civic Hatchback - We met in Geneva, but stillthere are only moving pictures, at least, official


Hyundai i10 2017 - Here you can read your first testdriving

Hyundai i20 Active - was introduced in January and have alreadytried

Hyundai Ioniq - Here you can read the first test rivalKorean Prius

Hyundai i30 - A few days before its presentation in the HallParis could try
Hyundai Elantra - was presented in March and entering theabove link you can read the test
Hyundai Grand Santa Fe - Will be released in May
Hyundai Genesis - A facelift presented in November


InfinitiQX30 - We tried exclusively before submission

Infiniti Q30 - is available now and we've tried


JaguarF-Pace - he was unveiled in April and in August we tried the 3.0TDV6 AWD
Jaguar F-Type SVR - In June, hallucinate with him in hispresentation, you can read our experience in the linkprevious


Jeep Cherokee Hellcat - not known yet if it will come to Europe


Kia Optima PHEV - If you want to know all the details and howgoes, you have only to enter the link above

Kia Rio 2017 - attended the static display and backYou can read all details

KiaSportage - has been marketed since January and already havetried
Kia Niro - is now available in the Spanish market andWe have only tested


Hurricane Lamborghini Spyder - hit the market in summer
Lamborghini Aventador SV Roadster - is given to officially concerin May, but for now be content to hear how roarsthe above link

Land Rover

Land Rover Discovery in May - already have tested and counted in theprevious link


Lexus LC 500 2017 - We've tried and hybrid, too. Inthe link can read

Lexus GS300h 2016 - If you want to know how it goes, enters the linkbehind

LexusRC 300h - We tested it in January and is now available
Lexus LF-C2 - arrive in autumn
LexusRX 450h - On sale since January


MaseratiLift - was presented in March and already has list prices,if you are interested


2017 Mazda6 - If you want to know why the Japanese saloon youcan provide more driving pleasure, you just have to read theback test

2017 Mazda3 - They just renew it, you want to see how much?

Mazda3 - renovated with engine 1.5 D-Skyactiv
Mazda MX-5 CC - will be presented in November


McLaren 540C- Available from beginning of year


Mercedes AMG E 63 S 4Matic - is it more than most within theGerman luxury brand

Mercedes E-Class All-terrain - German multipurpose arrives foreat the Allroad

Mercedes Class X - The pick-up of Mercedes

Mercedes E Class - From January sale

Mercedes E-Class Estate - Back can read the first testthe great family of the brand Star
Mercedes C Class Cabrio - was submitted in February and have alreadytried
Mercedes SLC - was presented in March and already tried
Mercedes GLC Coupe - In July and there were presented totry the 350 d 4MATIC Coupe
Mercedes AMG GT Black - Arrives in August


Mini John Cooper Works Convertible - he was introduced in January


Mitsubishi Shogun - will come later this year
Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV - We tried it during his presentationin January and it is now available


NissanPulsar Nismo - Since mid-2016
Nissan Micra - come after the summer

Nissan NV300 - we have already tested the substitutePrimastar

Nissan NP300 and Navara - The pick-up ever, but better


OpelMokka X - The small SUV made Zaragozaupdates and how do you want to know how? read
Opel Zafira 2016 - A 'facelift' we could try inJune
OpelAmpera-e - it is presented in August

OpelInsignia - From October 26, read his firsttest the link above
Opel Astra GSi - Since the beginning of 2016
Opel Astra ST - I already have tested


Peugeot Traveler - The 'van' with which Peugeot wants to jumpbanking in the VIP transport

PeugeotExpert - it has already been submitted and will arrive in JuneSpain
Peugeot 2008 - A 'lifting' to which we have already uploaded, you canread before the test
Peugeot 308 R Hybrid - will be known in March
Peugeot 3008 - We've tried and back can read whyWe thought it may be the new benchmark for SUV compatos


Porsche718 Boxster - I already have tested and you can read in the linkprevious
Porsche 718 Cayman - also tried during hispresentation in July
Porsche 911 Turbo S - In early March came and backYou can read the test
Porsche 911 R - he was released after the summer
Porsche Panamera - The new known in June

Range Rover

Range Rover Evoque Cabrio - We've already tried


Renault Megane - Since January sale

Renault Megane Sport Tourer - We tried it in October duringhis presentation
Renault Megane GrandTour - was presented and tested onApril
Renault Scénic - Here you can read the test againFrench minivan
RenaultAlpine - Presentation in October
RenaultMégane RS - At the end of the year
Renault Alaskan - The pick-up is put on sale in Februarysome markets


Rolls-Royce Dawn - Available from spring


Seat Leon 2017 - The Spanish compact received in Octoberimprovements to keep soldiering

Ateca Seat - was presented in March and have already tried1.4 TSI 150 hp

Seat Leon Sport Cross - From summer 2016
Seat Leon Cupra 290 - can now read the test


Smart ForTwo Cabrio - Since the beginning of the year, you can read backhis first test
SmartBrabus ForTwo - was presented in Geneva and we have alreadytried


SkodaOctavia 2017 - Czech saloon is updated with a new1.0 TFSI engine

Skoda Octavia RS 4x4 - We've driven and it isavailable
Skoda Yeti - is presented in October
SkodaKodiaq - We've already tried it, you can read ourimpressions in the previous link


Subaru Impreza FL - A facelift that was presented earlieryear and have already tried
Subaru Forester - The SUV comes in October


Suzuki Ignis - The new Japanese model you would enjoy

Suzuki Baleno - Since spring 2016


Tesla Model X - In Europe since spring, so we havetried
Tesal Model 3 - was presented in April


Proace Toyota Verso - The most familiar of Toyota is based ona van, but no one would say

Toyota Prius - it has been marketed since February and the linkYou can read the test
Toyota C-HR - In June we were watching the spectacularinside
Toyota RAV4 Hybrid - Since April on the market

Toyota C-HR - The new Toyota SUV mola and here you can read yourproof


Volkswagen Amarok - In June, drove the new modelV6 engine

Volkswagen Crafter - Industrial Volkswagen, better thannever
Volkswagen Tiguan - Since the beginning of the year available, withprice and we have already tested
ClubSport Volkswagen Golf GTI - available from March andled by AUTOBILD.ES
Volkswagen Up! - 'Facelift' which was presented in March, you canread the test here

Volkswagen Crafter 2017 - The German beast loadupdates and we have already tested


volvoV40 and V40 Cross Country - were presented this summer and therewe were
Volvo S90 - Presented in January and tried in March
volvoV90 - We've already tried, on sale this fall
Volvo XC90 - Presentation in April, there are already picturesofficial

volvoV90 Cross Country - attended the presentation and returnedlove with him

In this content you find, updated throughout the year,All new car market in 2016.

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