KYMCO forward two of its models EICMA 2017: A scooter adventure and trirueda

KYMCO offer a small preview of its new products for the EICMA 2017

KYMCO did not want to wait for his press conference Hall of Milan 2017 and has already offered us a small taste of what we see on 7 November at the EICMA.

KYMCO: all scooters and updated prices

KYMCO forward two of its models EICMA 2017: A scooter adventure and trirueda. The Taiwanese firm has not wanted to wait to Tuesday, November 7, when he is scheduled their press conference to unveil their new models in the 2017 Milan Show and we have two very significant of what the Asian manufacturer has in hand advances. 

Both models be part of the concepts C Series, a new generation of scooters with a clear adventurous approach and leaving a little aside the 'supermini' conception of the rest of the range. This is particularly noticeable in the first of the models seen in the photo and you can say that will be a clear competitor to the Honda X-ADV

The presence is transmitting this maxiscooter purely off-road and also the photograph is taken on a dirt road, unequivocal sign that this bike should work proficiently in this type of terrain. It also appears that the adjustable front windshield will and will feature radial discs both front and back. Very interesting seat design It is ending in a support that rests on the top case to promote passenger comfort. 

On the other hand, and which for us is a pleasant surprise is the vehicle trirueda, a lot like its namesake design adventure. In fact, the only most noticeable at first glance, to just know the technical details of the engine and others, difference is in the wheels, which are smaller in size to facilitate the presence of two trains at the front axle. In both cases, the tires are signed by Metzeler. Does the KYMCO bet to fight against the new Yamaha Niken?

It will be very interesting to know more information about C Series concepts in the Hall of Milan 2017. Two maxiscooters with a clear reference to another model taking base, which is none other than the KYMCO AK 550. It is clear that KYMCO are betting this new batch models of larger displacement and level of equipment. And we celebrate that.

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