New Seat Ibiza 2017: and find

And no prices for Spain the new Seat Ibiza 2017, the fifth generation of the most successful model of the Spanish brand. Ibiza 2017, which will premiere at the Geneva Motor Show 2017 and will be sold starting this June, has prices ranging between 14,060 euros and 19,030 euros. The model is renewed outside and inside, it is more technological and A0 Debuts MQB platform.

Already we talked of new Ibiza 2017 in Barcelona on January 31, days before its world debut of the new Geneva Motor Show 2017. In a crowded room of journalists from around the world and a site with a glorious past -The Dome, the old bullring of Arenas in Barcelona-, he was presented the fifth generation of the Seat Ibiza, the most successful model of all time the Spanish brand. Not surprisingly, since it was the first generation launched in 1984, they have sold more than 5.4 million units of the Seat Ibiza. Hence Luca de Meo (pictured), president of Seat, put the emphasis on the Ibiza 2017 is the cornerstone of "Seat most offensive of recent years"With the Ateca, last year Ibiza now and the end of the year Arona, the first small SUV of the Spanish brand.

Seat Ibiza 2017 presentation Luca de Meo

But let us leave aside historical figures and focus on the new Seat Ibiza 2017, which rather should be called miniLeón. And the SEAT design team, led by Alejandro Mesonero-Romanos, aware of the tremendous success of Lion-not only for its excellent chassis, but also for its attractive design- taken as a reference the main elements of style compact and adapted, brilliantly-all is that in passing in the younger brother. And, as they confirmed the designers themselves in a previous contact a few months ago, it was not easy to 'evolve' the Seat Ibiza "I had to be both fresh and young time, but also mature and balanced" , they claimed then.

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Overcome challenge, because the new Ibiza 2017 is a model that goes directly through the eyes. Well proportioned, with character, agile, muscular and with a lot of lateral stress, the fifth generation of the Seat Ibiza stands out first by its imposing grille flanked by LED headlamps Full triangular iconic graphics and daytime running lights. On the other hand, the front and rear overhangs are very short, with the wheels at the four corners of the car, which gives the 2017 Ibiza a sporty, stable and dynamic. At the rear of the new Ibiza, meanwhile, they draw attention to the drivers interact with rear blisters, and provide a streamlined look.

Anyway, the new Ibiza 2017, which premieres the new platform new modular platform MQB A0, is 87 mm wider (now 1.780 mm), two shorter millimeters (mm now 4059) and lower one (1.444 mm) than the current Ibiza. Track width, meanwhile, grows 60 mm in the front axle and on the rear 48, while the wheelbase increases to stand at 95 mm 2,564 mm. It is noteworthy that the Ibiza 2017 debuts the new MQB platform A0-on which will build the new VW Polo Arona- 2017 and has its reason: as we confirmed Matthias Rabe, EVP Seat R & D, who met with a small group of media including AUTOBILD.ES was, this platform has been used because it provides greater interior comfort funcionaliad and allows compliance with safety standards as the system pedestrian protection in cases of abuse and, above all, allows more space in the compartment to accommodate larger engines cilndrada.

Inside the new Seat Ibiza 2017

Inside the new Ibiza, which now has 35 mm of knee room in the rear seats, it is inspired by the style guidelines Leon and Ateca, to which was added much more tension, with lighter proportions. In this sense, all the controls and instruments are driver oriented, while as big news in the Ibiza range now is the start button on the center console. The trunk of the new Ibiza, meanwhile, grows 63 liters and now 355 cubic liters.

Seat Ibiza 2017 presentation

As the technology is concerned, the new Seat Ibiza 2017 has Front Assist, Traffic Jam Assist, ACC adaptive cruise control system, keyless entry and start Kessy Entry System, a new generation of sensors front and rear parking and a rear view camera with higher quality and precision reflected on a touch screen 8 ". Also, other big news is that the 2017 Ibiza has wireless Carador with GSM signal amplifier. Moreover, with respect to connectivity, it is compatible with Apple Car Play, Android Auto Mirror Link.

Engines for the new Seat Ibiza 2017

Mechanical new Ibiza range 2017 consists of 1.0 TSI three cylinders 95 or 115 hp, turbocharged, intercooled and direct injection, which will join the end of 2017 the new 1.5 TSI four cylinders and 150 CV, which already released his cousin, the Volkswagen Golf 2017. in diesel, the 2017 Ibiza will be available with the 1.6 TDI in three strengths: 80, 95 and 115 hp. In addition, being based on the new platform MQB A0, the new Ibiza 2017 can mount the engine 90 CV 1.0 TGI powered by compressed natural gas (CNG).

The new Seat Ibiza, which will premiere at the 2017 Geneva Motor Show and will be available in Spain from June this year, will be available in four finishes: Reference, Style, FR Y XCellence (The latter two have the same price). In this regard, FR, with a much sportier look, will feature rear diffuser, front bumper, sports suspension and an exclusive exterior color black package. In addition, the Ibiza FR finish 2017 includes a firmer suspension that can be adjusted in two modes, Normal and Sport. This mode of suspension, but in this case with a more comfortable moron, will also be available with XCellence finish Seat with which aims to attract new customers looking for a more sophisticated and distinctive design.

There will be a Seat Ibiza Cupra 2017 ... for now

Notably, on the other hand, the new Seat Ibiza 2017 is only available with 5-door body, so the body SC (3 door) and ST (family) have been ruled out, among other reasons because at the beginning of the marketing of the fourth generation Ibiza sales SC and ST accounted for more than 50% of sales, while currently account for less than 25%. In addition, the family version will be supplied with the new small SUV Arona which will be presented later this year. On the other hand, Rabe also confirmed that "in principle it is not planning a variant of the Ibiza Cupra"Because the power stop and be satisfied with the engine 1.5 TSI 150 hp". Still, we do not rule from AUTOBILD.ES yes there is a Ibiza Cupra 2017 to compete with rivals like the sports version of Toyota Yaris, Yaris GRMN or the Volkswagen Polo GTI.

We tested the current Seat Ibiza Cupra

In June, spy photographers managed to portray the first fifth generation of the Seat Ibiza while it is undergoing a development test on public roads. The images, which you can see here, but not kept awake much abundant wore camouflage the unit in question if we were left intuit some of the hallmarks of his older brother, Leon. Now, when we are about to close the month of August, AUTO BILD reader, Hugo Gonzalez Ponce, send us a Spy photos Seat Ibiza 2017 in Seville, probablente city chosen by the brand to test the new model under conditions of extreme heat. Yes, as you can see in the gallery, camouflage obscures anything.

Price list of the new SEAT Ibiza 2017

For Spain and find new Seat Ibiza 2017.  He Ibiza 2017 It will be marketed starting this June, and has prices ranging between 14,060 euros and 19,030 euros. Here desgranamos the Prices of the new Seat Ibiza 2017:

1.0 75hp Start&Stop REFERENCE: 14,060 euros

1.0 75hp Start&Stop REFERENCE PLUS: 14,960 euros

Start EcoTSI 1.0 95CV&Stop REFERENCE: 14,700 euros

Start EcoTSI 1.0 95CV&Stop REFERENCE PLUS: 15,600 euros

1.0 75hp Start&Stop STYLE: 16,300 euros

Start EcoTSI 1.0 95CV&Stop STYLE: 16,940 euros

Start EcoTSI 1.0 115CV&Stop STYLE: 17,550 euros

Start EcoTSI 1.0 95CV&Stop XCELLENCE: 18,420 euros

Start EcoTSI 1.0 115CV&Stop XCELLENCE: 19,030 euros

Start EcoTSI 1.0 115CV&Stop FR: 19,030 euros