Robert Downey Jr. debuts car: This spectacular Mustang Boss 302

Robert Downey Jr. has worked closely with US coach SpeedKore to create the Ford Mustang of your dreams.

The new Ford Mustang Boss 302 1970 Robert Downey Jr. He has been chosen as one of the best cars in the SEMA Show 2017 for organizing the event, which input and says much of the work carried out by the coach SpeedKore given the quantity and quality of the cars present. And in some ways not surprising, because as you can see in the gallery above, this Ford is truly spectacular.

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Actor Robert Downey Jr., famous among other things for his role as Tony Stark, has worked closely with SpeedKore Ford Mustang to create your dream. The result is this Ford Mustang Boss 302 1970 modified, a car made with care in all details are taken care of, combining both original components of the modern era as to create a product flavored classic and current technology elements.

For example, the body Ford Mustang Robert Downey Jr. is made of carbon fiber material has also been used to shape the bumper or the hood and is exposed in places that have not been painted with color 'PPG Khaki Yellow' that looks outside. Alloy wheels mounted signed by HRE Wheels shod with sports tires and after a set of high performance brake discs with vented and perforated hide.

Ford Mustang prepared by the EMS 2017 (7)

  • Ford Mustang by Air Design
  • Ford Mustang by DeBerti Design
  • Ford Mustang by dragg
  • Ford Mustang by Mad
  • Ford Mustang by Roush Performance
  • Ford Mustang by Speedkore Performance Group
  • Ford Mustang by Tucci Hot Rods

In the passenger compartment Mustang 302 Boss 1970, the guys at Gabe's Custom Interiors Street Road have created a space of discreet and classic look but conveys a sense of quality, combining leather with brown cloth, a specific wheel or air conditioning system only. And if you have not already love the car of the famous American actor, waiting to discover what hides under its hood.

Because in the engine compartment of this American classic is a 5.0 V8 engine Ford Performance Aluminum has been equipped with a volumetric compressor Roush Performance. They have not revealed the maximum power, but certainly far exceeds the 700 horsepower, not least because they have opted for a robust manual gearbox Bowler T56 six relationships in their usual configuration is capable of supporting figures torque up to 950 Nm.

Gallery: Ford Mustang Liberty Walk (7)

  • Ford Mustang Liberty Walk
  • Ford Mustang Liberty Walk
  • Ford Mustang Liberty Walk
  • Ford Mustang Liberty Walk
  • Ford Mustang Liberty Walk
  • Ford Mustang Liberty Walk

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