What is better, Volkswagen T-Roc or Hyundai Kona?

Two SUV compact and stylish. Now, what it is better?

Do not miss the test of Volkswagen T-Roc

And keeps coming. SUV fever has gone from an acute to become primarily a chronic condition symptoms. And we can no longer speak of a trend, but rather a trend that will not stop flogging the market in several years. Of all the compact SUV they take much, a situation that brands do not want to miss. Volkswagen and Hyundai just launched its new compact SUV, two products with a similar approach. However, What is better, Volkswagen T-Roc or Hyundai Kona?

The B-SUV segment is one of the most interesting. This type of todocamino passing of four meters but they stay near that length become really interesting to learn about products. Its design is key, why we see more and more brands are at risk with a "pop" concept, relaxed and personal. Volkswagen T-Roc is a serious candidate in this regard, being the aesthetic work of Kona also mentioned.

VIDEO: This is the Hyundai Kona

In the aesthetic section both you meet. The duotone body, well marked lines or features are well brash present in both cases. Volkswagen T-Roc is somewhat larger than the Hyundai Kona, which could tip the balance, but not for a K.O. Similarly, German quality is key, with perhaps cleaner and ordered the South Korean interior.

5 virtues and a defect Hyundai Kona (7)

  • 5 virtues and a defect Hyundai Kona

    Virtue: the exterior design so aggressive and daring Kona Hyundai many buyers will opt for the new B-SUV of the South Korean brand.
  • 5 virtues and a defect Hyundai Kona

    Virtue: thanks to its exterior dimensions, the Hyundai Kona offers a roomy interior for five occupants and a load capacity of 361 liters expandable to 1,143 liters.
  • 5 virtues and a defect Hyundai Kona

    Virtue: the new Kona offers a wide range of engines with power up to 177 hp. In 2018 the family is completed with diesel between 95 and 136 hp units.
  • 5 virtues and a defect Hyundai Kona

    Virtue: the Kona Hyundai also will have manual transmissions and automatic six relations 7DCT double clutch seven-speed. These transmissions channeled power to the front wheels or all four wheels, depending on the engine.
  • 5 virtues and a defect Hyundai Kona

    Virtue in the technology section, the Kona has Head-Up Display, screens for Infotainment system high as 8 inches, 4G connectivity for smartphones, that compatibility with Android Auto and Apple carplay and attending driving and a full battery security systems.
  • 5 virtues and a defect Hyundai Kona

    Default: according to the tests we have done so far, management, standards in Europe, shows diffuse and does not feel agile, despite its compact size. Even changing the driving mode Comfort to Sport mode, the change is almost imperceptible.

Both the T-Roc and get the Kona give the driver a good feeling on the asphalt. They are heavy for the city or road trips, so country walks are limited in both cases. If you have not yet decided sure you will at the moment to read the lines that happen, it is that the price of Hyundai Kona, which starts at about 14,000 euros, is almost 10,000 euros more content the Volkswagen T-Roc access.

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