Nissan Patrol GR Second hand hidden surprises

Nissan Patrol GR Second hand hidden surprises

The Nissan Patrol GR 2.8 TurboD second-hand two-door version, has the air of a real bull ... your engine, however, suffers from serious heart disease. This issue appears to be in good condition.

What a guy! I look at the Nissan Patrol GR 2.8TurboD, typ Y61 (Second hand) and looks like a realbattle tank ready for Bruce Willis, Crocodile Dundee orMad Max save the world. However, under that imageindestructible, a sensitive soul who surrenders to the hidesHigh-speed highways ... How the hell can happenthis? I'll start at the beginning.

Nissan Patrol GR 2.8 TurboD, Typ Y61 second front hand

wide shoulders: lovers Nissan Patrol GR of theY61 series love their stocky appearance.

It's about a 4x4 old school as evidenced by theirstrong beam structure and crossbars and solidskeleton rigid axle. And your Achilles heel? The kneecapssuspension caps panhard bar and bushingswheel ... that's all. Ah, no, I forgot: the motor, heonly really serious problem with this generation Grand Raidmanufactured between March 1998 and May 2000.

Nissan Patrol GR 2.8 TurboD, Typ Y61 second rear hand

This unit has many broken pieces that obscures theperfect state of your body. That's good ... justsocks.

East six-cylinder He was born as diesel 84 hp,however the turbo, air cooling and electronicsinjection ... are a lot of inventions that will only come goodwhile its mechanics goes smoothly: after enduring ...¡¡¡300.000 km !!! and God knows how many more. And is thatgo with the accelerator with the trailer in tow or go veryhighway quickly end up digging the grave of the engine ...tombstone comes sometimes without the odometer has exceededfive figures.

Nissan Patrol GR 2.8 TurboD, Typ Y61 second-hand engine

Sensitive, but diagnosis: the six-cylinder workswonder.

The thing is, therefore, very sleazy for buyerssecondhand: It is difficult to know whether the six cylinders stripgood or not. ¿Salta then when you pluck cold and stays,He then nailed? That's only half the truth. Forcheck whether the diesel runs smoothly must be analyzedwith proof of pressure loss system ofrefrigeration or Professional compression test... Puratheory.

Nissan Patrol GR 2.8 TurboD, Typ Y61 second undercoating

A difficult challenge: the photos do not transmit faithfully thelamentable aspect of the interior. Many plastic partsThey are destroyed and no radio.

In practice, the only thing you have left is an act of faith. And soas we arrived, finally, the protagonist of this test. AdHe is taciturn and does not carry or a miserable picture. "I did not havetime to do it, "the seller sympathetic apology from theAcross the phone line. The guy invited me to see it inperson ... I hope the car only problem that hassome scratches.

Nissan Patrol GR 2.8 TurboD, Typ Y61 second hand seats

Grime rampant.

When I get to the site, I understand immediately what he meantthe good man ... and because he had not set or a photo. And is that thePatrol GR He has had many adventures through the woods andfield that is full of dirt and damage. It is, moreover,broken plastic that, surely, you preventpass the ITV ... The show is Dantesque inside. Athay test? For hygienic reasons, I hope I have notforgotten at home full body condom.

Nissan Patrol GR 2.8 TurboD, Typ Y61 second hand wheel arch

The wheelhouse must be replaced.

Finally, I accept the challenge and hoping I get into thecarwash also accept people. When I amsteering wheel, put my hand in the glove compartment and discover with astonishmentits last owner has kept the logbook rulethis pigsty with wheels and your mechanical is perfect.How can something have happened? "Well ..." says the sellerwith all the tranquility of the world, "the car is for someone whoassess its enormous functionality. " Umm, okay, so I said isbeautiful.

Nissan Patrol GR 2.8 TurboD, Typ Y61 second taillight

The taillights are also broken.

In any case, your price totals 6,900euros, something that did not sound bad phone, but now IIt seems a joke ... For this GR returns to the fold of thegood social customs, we must invest in it 2,000 euros.6,000 euros is the last word. Thank you and goodbye, sir!

A week later I call back and the car is alreadysold ... shame you have not heard me what poor citizenhe has touched.


There are many things that catch my attention this case. InFirst, the gigantón 4x4 with a motor no waylike silk. Second, a seller who does not care aboutthe status of your merchandise. And thirdly, it is acar whose equipment It is torn inside andoutside, but with a mechanics in perfect condition. What youyou must not forget: your six diesel It is an engineextremely dependent care you give him. In case of doubt, thebest thing to do is to choose a Patrol GR 3.0 DI(2000-2009) of four cylinders.

You can find several offers from Nissan Patrol GR secondhand.

Photo: W. Blaube.

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