Particulate Filter: everything you need to know

Here you have everything you need to know about the particle filter. If you can not or do not want to buy an electric car and you have one of those old diesel that pollute a lot, but want to spoil the atmosphere as little as possible, read this practical attention to the diesel particulate filter repair and maintenance.

You know what is the particulate filter? What makes foryour car? What problems suffers throughout his life? Whenand how to change it? ... Quiet in this practical Offwe have everything.

The particle filter is the most important when makingyour dirtypolluting vehicle diesel slightly, but brings more than onequebradero their head and not only for its conservation.

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For starters, theft. A lot happens like my father,last week, who would They stole filterparticles a parking area where he leftparked his car just an hour. The thief, surely it isexperienced mechanic who then has placed the filter to anotherwithout their own car may not know its origin. How can yousee in the pictures gallery of filtersparticles stolen, the thieves usually pull ratherhandsaw in these cases, although on that occasion it dismantledwithout breaking anything.

But better get to the point, because you may have not removedcircules catalyst and without it there as well. The reason? Whatif I dont know keeps the filterparticles conveniently, you can reachmelt whenwide temperature range and then the movement and heatThey make the monolith can get away. ThroughoutIf, before and during muuuucho time, your carwill have been spewing clouds of black smoke are brownishnot difficult to see, at least from behind.

What is the diesel particulate filter?

He diesel particulate filter, also knownas FAP or DPF is a device located in the exhaust pipeHe is responsible for retaining in its porous walls particlesgenerating engines, especially diesel, to reduce the levelemissions of these cars. Once the filter is full ofthis cinder, He handles himself to incineratethrough the famous regeneration.

The regeneration periods filterparticles vary depending on vehicle use, butplaced between 400 and 800 kilometers. For this, theengine injects more fuel quantity to increase gasexhaust temperature of autoincineraciónparticles, 550 ºC.

During regenerations, consumption increasesslightly and engine noise may increase slightly.

In the video below you will find fully functioningdetailed:

Currently, virtually all diesel vehiclesnew they sold in Europe equipped with this deviceantipollution, but it is from 2006 when it enters into forcethe Euro 5 when you startstandardized, and the Euro6 is total binding use filterparticles in diesel vehicles.

Symptoms that something is wrong in the particulate filter

Most drivers learn that there is a problemby the warning light of the particulate filter.

Sometimes the cause is that themonolith is filled with soot despite having aand self-cleaning system, and therefore they claim somebrands do not require maintenance.

And it's true, because habitually and without the driverperceived (model and manufacturer), regeneration occursthis component every 200 kilometers. However, forpower self-cleaning, the filterparticles You need some conditions are met.

During this process, deposits of soot in the filterparticles are incinerated due to high temperatureexhaust gases, and the filter is clear, but always remainsmakes a deposit, in the end, have to be replaced by onenew.

However, most of the problems come prematurelydue to excess and continued short journeys withdiesel in which the temperature required is not reachedto burn soot (600 ° C) or only get to it byshort periods.

Breakdowns of the particulate filter

The main cause of damage to the filterparticles, but not the only, is the city driving(How to reduceemissions city).

Unable to move at high speed anddo not breathe suitably greater congregatescarbonilla level in the filter and short journeys (commonwhen we drove city) do not help you canadequately perform regeneration, a process that requirebetween 15 and 20 minutes.

How cars emit Madrid? (4)

  • system with the RS Lab

    Put a system with the RS Lab for all Madrid would cost 700,000 euros per year

  • measures emissions from cars

    RS Lab measured emissions from cars as they pass

  • measuring gases

    The system uses chromatography exhaust and takes 0.4 seconds

  • gas measurement

    A driver may think you are about to go through a radar

Once it obstructs particulate filter withoutthe system can clean it, it will jump the witness 'check engine' andthe engine will lose power, so we go to a workshopto try to order a regenerationforced with diagnostic equipment.

It is not always possible and repairing this fault willa heavy toll in the workshop.

Although not circulemos city, driving at low speed,generally below 2000 rpm, causes can not beregenerate the filter and have the same problem. For this reason,recommends leaving a highway 1,000 kilometerscircular for 30 minutes at 2500 rpm. It canincrease the rate at 3,000 rpm and reduce the time to 15minutes.

Another fault found in the particulate filter isthe ducts connecting the inlet and outlet of cloggingfilter with a differential pressure sensor, adevice manager to notify the control unit if the filterit is clean or cluttered. If this occurs, the control orderregenerations too much or not perform, therebyfault.

Maintenance and tips

As such, there exists maintenance I canmake the driver for particulate filter,but some tips that can make it easier to extend the lifeuseful for this device. The most logical thing is not quenchengine while regeneration is performed. To detect itis doing without a specific witness, it is to verifysound of the engine and check the current consumption increases.

7 cars that tell the story of the diesel in the US (14)

  • history-car-diesel-USA-mercedes-300-sd

    The 1978 Mercedes 300 SD became the first production car with turbo diesel engine.

  • history-car-diesel-USA-mercedes-300-sd-defense

    It was marketed exclusively in the US and Canadian markets. Homologaba 10.6 l / 100km.

  • history-car-diesel-USA-oldsmobile-diesel

    Shortly later, in 1979, General Motors Oldsmobile decided to launch its first passenger car diesel.

  • history-car-diesel-USA-oldsmobile-diesel-lateral

    Optionally could mount a 5.7 naturally aspirated V8 diesel, but gained a bad reputation due to its low reliability.

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  • history-car-diesel-USA-Volkswagen-Golf-TDI

    In 1996 Volkswagen introduced into the US market for the first time a Golf TDI engine.

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    But at that time no one, at least outside Volkswagen, knew what was happening.

  • history-car-diesel-USA-dodge-ram-1500

    And we got to the first pick-up of the most popular middle segment of the country, with a diesel engine.

  • history-car-diesel-USA-dodge-ram-1500-Zaga

    This Dodge RAM 1500 Eco-Diesel equips a 3.0 V6 turbodiesel engine.

You should pay attention to lubricant whatuse as vehicles equipped with a particle filteremploy one specific low SAPS (low ash, phosphorus andsulfur), prepared to withstand dirt producing oilwhen more fuel is injected than is necessary for theregeneration. Also, try respect the planmaintenance stipulated by the manufacturer.

We have already indicated before, so prevents pathsshort because the engine does not reach the ideal temperatureoperation and regeneration is not provided. Recalls that thefilter requires 550 ° C for cleaning. Once saltin when road and applying the formula above:30 minutes at 2,500 rpm regime or 15 minutes at 3,000rpm, a good formula for the filter autoregenerar ourselvesparticle.

cleaners particulate filter

This operation filter cleaningparticles usually it costs between 100 and 200 euros (includingdisassembly and labor time necessary in somecases), which is much less expensive than replacing, although in thatIf you have to leave the car between one and three days in the workshop. There arecheaper products (about 40 euros) they are acting to take aadditive in the fuel tank, as with theMeca-Run Eco 10,000Diesel, which is added by measurements and is able to clean afilter when not extremely jammed. In addition, productsas this may be worth as prevention when the component isnearing the end of its useful life.

There's others cleaning the particulate filterdiesel applied with a gun under pressurethrough the hole left by removing one of the sensors, in aFast mechanical operation that costs less than 100 euros. WithoutHowever, to remove every gram of ash, usuallynecessary to remove the filter as well may be cleaned by channelSpecific useful channel. There are variations of these methods,but all professionals agree against the use ofmiracle products contrast, since the particulate filterYou can reach 1,500 degrees and if there is an incompatible agentadhered to the monolithceramic, this may melt or crack. Yes or notit has a solution.

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