Learn how to put snow chains in two minutes

Put snow chains on your car takes less than two minutes per wheel ..., provided you know in advance how it should be done. It is another of our winter driving tips. In this video I explain step by step how they are placed.

Except if you use winter tires on your car, it isimperative that you know how put chainssnow. In this video you can see how to install anuestos conventional in other driving tipswinter.

As you can see in the pictures, manufacturersSnow chains They have learned to wear iteasy and usually painted parts thereofColor should be attachedeach. This greatly facilitates the work at night, even if noyou want to risk passing it really bad, it is best topractice before how put chainssnow in youcar. So whenthe time comes, you will do it with great ease.

To do this, as you can see here, it is not essential that theresnow on the road. When you go traveling,should always carry a flashlight, gloves and warm clothes inthe vehicle so when you have to leave it to replace. Yesknow that you are crossing a snowy harbor, seeks to bring thefull tank or something and a shovel to remove snow from underthe wheels. So it will be easier placing chainssnow in your vehicle.

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