Uber or taxi, what works best?

We got a car and a taxi Uber to see what works best. At least in Madrid, both services look set to be complementary for a while and could eventually coexist peacefully.

Many fans of new technologies already bewondering whether to call Uber or taxi. What works bestis a response to that after getting on a car Uber and aTraditional taxi will be able to respond, as both services haveentered competition in Madrid and do carting pros andcons. You can read why now Uber is legal. My first impressionrespect is that arrival is positive, if only becauselifelong taxi drivers have increased their effectiveness due toarrival of new rivals. 

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When Uber compare with a taxi conventional, andMadrid since these have long with an applicationto claim the service and can not be put againsttaxis or vehicles Cabify Uber pick inanywhere at any time. If you want, you can alsorequest a taxi through the app Pidetaxi, is not youI recommend waiting to pass one if you are in a neighborhoodperipheral or at an ungodly hour because you could die ofboredom or hunger and thirst, before any passesthere. 

For this first rate comparison between Uber andcab, I say first because I smell that soon I will haveto extend this practical to include Cabify and some otherservice as Car2Go, I have chosen out from the door where the headquarters isAUTOBILD.ES, since there is a traditional stop taxis. hadstart that cost me find a taxi driver who wanted,in addition to take, speaking candidly about this issue and betake pictures and record video, but I was wrong. 

At the head of taxis at the wheel of a DaciaLodgy over some years, but spotless inside,It was Gabriel, a man of about 60 years with 30 years of taxi driverbehind their backs. I know there are those who complain of education,attitude and many other things these professionals, but Ito say that after having taken a few hundred taxisMadrid throughout my life, I could say that Gabriel, a manaffable and polite, it is the driver prototype of the capital. It's more,totally natural to want to use your carUber compare with a taxi.

I ask the taxi driver to take me to a nearby mall,but on the other side of the M-30 and, as you have to spend someroad knots, the journey may seem long. InAs the meter starts, appears on the screenamount of 2,45 euros. As we head towards Las Tablas, IIt's telling that he is happy with his car and, yeah, you know thatUber X has started to operate in Madrid recently. his only-and complaint about that is said is that Mr. affablylicense using their drivers (VTC) is not allowed to gocirculating for potential customers, which do make ashe has been found. 

After 13 minutes to go a distance of 7.7 km, Iunder the traditional taxi and the meter indicates 11.55 euros. We said goodbye andthen I request a car Uber through the applicationthat I have downloaded on my mobile phone. Instantly, on thescreen, an indication that José María appears, the driver,is already heading towards where I am and it will take about sevenminutes. Before eight is here, but unfortunately will not be ablerecord with my camera. Apparently, Uber car inMadrid, about 24, are not the application, but a companyOutsourced and, of course, can not make spokespersonsthis new service. 

[B: https: //www.youtube.com/watch? V = -YgVlcrL-J8?]

In addition, José María takes one week working forUber, He is more than happy, after obtaining his license VTC hasdelivery past a driver and is at the controls of an almost brand newHyundai i40. Of course, the car is immaculate, but alsowhen I went inside after the driver open the doorI dispose of a bottle of water for me, a detail that is usualin many other countries, but it is the first time that I see in Spain.We started our mobile phones and -in Mary and Josephmine will appear the same information on this journey timeLet's see how moving on the roads. 

Importantly, in this case, the rate starts from 0euros. While talking to the driver of Uber, I canceled errorthe route before leaving and five euros appearing,They were erased, though they appear in my client history and moreLater I found out in my bank application if I cashed.We arrived where my office is after almost 12 minutes, in part,thanks to my instructions, as José María is seen stilllittle green as 'Taxi Driver', though, is no less friendly than Gabriel.Total cost of the trip (6.52 km): 8.97 euros. In this first comparative arguablyUber is cheaper than a taxi at 2.58 euros in this case,but with a distance of 1.18 km less. If thetours were identical probably would Uber receiptIt has been about 10.54 euros, which is still cheaper, butonly about 10%.

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    User requesting a vehicle.

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    Uber fleet in the United States.

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    Google Street View car. Source: Wikipedia.

If you want the answer to the start:whoworks best, Uber or taxi? I would say that, for most,Uber will win for various reasons, such as being between 10 and20% cheaper and offers advantages such as not having to carry cashabove, new cars for now, excited drivers,flexibility, etc. However, I will continue using alsotaxis instead of Uber cars that always has meI liked to get into them and ask the driver about issuesCurrently, call me crazy if you want.  

In addition, there is one thing I did not like Uber, norHair: A year or so ago, when he wanted to set up in Spain byfirst time, the app got me and I registered with my cardcredit. Then I deleted the app, well, this morning, when I returnedto get out the application, there appeared again my Visa cardall my data-that's why I did not include the completo- pantallazo isMoreover, although I introduced another card, do not let me delete theold and in fact, it has taken me out there. Sure it is aI can solve the problem by calling Uber, but although I'm not afan of privacy, does not make me an iota of grace that onecompany like this, that spies on its own drivers, keep such dataabout me.

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