How to buy a car through Amazon

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We explain everything step by step.

Amazon takes time wanting to sell cars in Europe has long ceased to be news. The company is investing heavily in this department, and even has already made some inroads, such as the sale of Seat Mii by Mango in France, several Fiat models, the Mini Cooper S in India, or the recent sale of Opel Grandland X. Now, How is buying a car for Amazon? We explain.

How to buy a car for Amazon, step by step

To buy a car for Amazon, it is important to understand which model you want. The buy online greatly streamlines operation, but the fact is that one can not test the car, and that's a drawback. If car purchases over the Internet evolve, manufacturers will benefit from cost savings dealerships, but still have to maintain a service (an exhibition) to which customers can go to 'taste' models.

It is like going to be, the fact is that one can already buy certain cars by Amazon. The models are scarce and in very limited editions; but there is the possibility. And we explain how the procurement process.

  1. Go to
  2. Click the link
  3. Made prereservation
  4. Add your car to your cart

1. Go to

How to buy a car for Amazon

Once you have entered the general web of, it acts the same way as you would any other item Put name car you want to buy in the search. We cogic as an example the sale of the car Opel Grandland X, which is currently for sale on this online platform. On the screen you will come out model you can buy at Amazon (If it is for sale, remember that today, few models that can be purchased by Amazon).

2. Click on the link

How to buy a car for Amazon

Amazon show variants of the car you want to buy available to buy. Click on the one that interests you (in this case, "Pre-booking Grandland Opel 1.6D X AT6 Excellence. Blue color with black roof Galapagos Opel").

3. Performs prereservation

How to buy a car for Amazon

Indeed the previous step, Amazon will take you to a new screen in which you are informed that, for the proforma Opel Grandland X Excellence 1.6D AT6. Color Blue, you have to pay 500 euros, which would be deducted from the final price of the car (which in this case is 29,564.74 euros). Transport costs are included.

Besides, the online sales platform I explained that if you do the pre-reverva today the car would receive between 13 and 16 November with the standard delivery.

In this case, the delivery time is three working days from your dealer, from the moment of signing the contract and full payment of the vehicle. In the sale of other vehicles (such as Seat Mii) Amazon has taken the car to the door of the house buyer.

4. Add the car to your cart

How to buy a car for Amazon

If you are interested in Amazon sells car, you just have to add it to your shopping cart, and complete your order. 

After the proforma Opel Grandland X, Amazon will send an e-mail Auto and Opel Spain will telephone contact in less than 60 minutes from the purchase of coupon pre-book to explain the steps to complete your purchase.
Customer phone: 900 813 527 (from 9 to 20 pm every day of the week).

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